Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Horrible Haddock

Since I started this we have been eating a lot more fish.  Nothing to do with the Great Fish Fight,just complete coincidence.  At least, here in Guernsey we don't have to cope with quotas as as I'm aware because we have our own fishing limits.  I also know quite a lot of fishermen and have 2 local fishmongers that buy local line caught fish if at all possible.

Was planning on a Malay Fish Curry but we had Thai on Saturday and if I do curry I have to find something else for the Wrigglebottom.  Scratched around on the BBC website and found http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/3605/couscous-and-fish-in-a-bag.  I thought it would be fine as I used a Dishy recipe a bit like this for trout a few weeks back.  The problems started with the bag.  We're out of tinfoil despite me putting it on the list twice so I had to make do with baking parchment.  The first bag collapsed so I ended up using a dish and covering that.  I did a large dish for us and a smaller one for the Wrigglebottom with no lemon or herbs and put all the fish in skin side up which meant that I could easily take the skin off before serving.  I covered both dishes with the baking parchment and left them 10 minutes longer than the recipe said (having learnt from the Bass en Papillote incident.
What I's do differently next time:
1)  No-one needs 100g of dried couscous.  Probably half of this would do;
2)  Couscous needs spices not herbs;
3)  Bonzo pointed out that it needs some kind of sauce.  To be honest the amount of vegetable stock given is inadequate but I think Bonzo's right and would do a sauce.
4)  Use an oily fish not a white one.  I might even give mackerel a go.

Overall, pretty tasteless and samey.  Waste of good haddock really.  The Wrigglebottom hardly ate any.  I gave up on the couscous and had too much fish.  4 for prep as it's fairly easy as long as you use foil or a dish.  6 from me, 7 from Bonzo, not much from Wrigglebottom so won't be doing this one agian without a major makeover.

Better luck tomorrow....

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