Wednesday, January 12, 2011


/*****--/I started this blog over the Christmas period to give myself a creative outlet that would also indulge my love of food. I am a full time working mother and do most of the cooking in our house as well as the shopping.  My husband, Bonzo does cook but only on weekends and never what I expect him to do with the ingredients supplied.  Both he and my daughter, the Wrigglebottom can be pretty fussy about ingredients.  Her taste buds are far too sharp for a 6 year old so it's pretty difficult to sneak anything past her.  We like eating food made from good quality ingredients but I don't have a huge amount of time to cook if I'm going to spend any time with her after school.  Consequently, I look for simple recipes with bags of flavour that can be prepared and cooked in less than half an hour.  Or require that much prep time and then can be left in the oven until we're ready to eat.  I also adapt recipes to exclude or replace ingredients that they don't like or that I don't have.  Where I've adapted a recipe I'll reference it.  Where I've made it up or it was so long ago and the adaptations are multiple I will probably have forgotten where I got it in the first place.

I have a very simple scoring system:

1-5 for prep time with 5 for 20 minutes or less, 4 for 30 minutes etc.  Anything more than an hour for a single dish is something Bonzo would cook with a Heston Blumenthal book in one hand.

1-10 for taste.  All diners get to score the dish and then it's average.

Anything with a total of 12.5 or more goes on the cook again list,  If it's a real favourite but takes a bit more time then it also gets included on the list.

Please feel free to comment, make suggestions about improvements or ask questions.

Bon appetit1

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